Dreams & Nightmares, W7-D2

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Dreams & Nightmares, W7-D2


Collage/Mixed Media on Paper, 15” x 11”

Dreams & Nightmares consist of seven series of collage/mixed media on paper, each containing seven works that represent the days of a week.

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We are relentlessly bombarded by visual imagery, whether it is in response to something we seek or simply force fed to us. From the people and animals we interact with, our different surroundings, the advertising that society imposes on us, our multiple new ways of communicating with each other, the man-built environment or natural habitat we are navigating, or even the memories of the past or visions of the future — we can’t escape from it.

These images take another dimension once our mind goes to sleep. Our brain wonders on its own until we wake up and try to put the pieces back together. Sometimes we can’t remember anything at all. Other times, the recount of these tales can be extremely vivid, clear and detailed. Some dreams seem to make no sense at all, bringing an intense sense of confusion, even worry. But every so often one can recognize these visions as journeys: some heroic, romantic, erotic, inspiring, frightening or soothing.

Nobody puts the pieces together the same way; a dream for one person could be the nightmare of another. Confusion, reflection and freedom of interpretation itself influenced my creative process. To challenge the reasoning conducted by the spectators; I choose imagery from contrasted sources deliberately, favor impulses as a base for construction and intentionally declines the logic in my compositions.