“Raised by wolves, trained by ninjas, owner of a time machine.”

Maïko’s creative operation, La Kombo laboratory, is an inventive playground where fictional surgeons and chemists create experiences and tell stories, mostly through products, design, artwork, music and new media.


Obsessions and confort zones: Tokyo, hamburgers, notebooks, flat black, British and American subcultures, DJ, simplification, Jamiroquai, cashews, outdoor parties, Ninja Tunes, skulls, Japanese food, Stevie Wonder, hoodies, books, beer, electronic and sample based music, ice cream, elegance, mixtapes, T-shirts, Soul, magazines, art, Mo’ Wax, menswear icons, Endtroducing, black & white street photography, customization, Hip Hop, pizza, French movies, Reggae, Ska, the streets, graphic design, ametora, wall textures, sex, coffee, Rage Against the Machine’s self-titled debut album, Public Enemy/Bomb Squad, whiskey, typography, Acid-Jazz, Mouloud Achour, animated cartoon, AIGA events, House, Disco, deviled eggs, Ardisson & Baffie, Disruptive Pattern Material, A Tribe Called Quest, lists, Rock, travel, boombox, Queens of the Stone Age, lobster rolls, style, rebels, freedom, mum, the fam' and Gaspard The Bull Terrier!


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